What to Wipe Tactical Leather Boots With

Wearing tactical leather boots is all nice and comfy until you need to clean them up (which isn’t going to take very long, depending on your busy schedule). It’s not enough to spend the extra buck for the leather boots, you should also take the extra mile and take good care of them too, perhaps even every day. The better you’re looking after all, the longer their life span is going to be anyway.

What to use for cleaning them on the outside

There’s no better smell than new leather and before taking your new tactical boots outside for a run, you should hold your horses and start breaking them in. no matter how well you think they’re fitting you, you also need to soften them a bit and break them in around the house, not on a one-day hiking trip.

Even though your tactical boots may be waterproof, you still want to use a waterproof agent for more safety. Gore-Tex and various waterproof lining could use some help from a good waterproof spray. Make sure to read the instruction before application.

At the end of the day, no matter how tired you are, you could also use a nylon brush to remove dirt, and also a damp cloth for wipe cleaning.

If your leather tactical boots are very soiled, it’s better to use just a bit of saddle soap and a damp cloth for proper cleaning. Don’t forget to let your leather boots to air dry as direct heat may dry out leather and cause cracking or even more serious damage.

What to use for cleaning the inside of the boots?

There’re no gentler way to put it: your leather tactical boots do need cleaning even on the inside. You should do it every time you feel the need, but every few months may be enough.

You should use a soap-free damp cloth and wipe your boots, giving them enough time for better air drying. Wearing your leather tactical boots for 8-12 hours straight is going to result not only into some tired feet, but also into some unpleasant smells on the inside of the boots. You don’t want to let the time go by as the bad odors and bacteria are going to build up, not go away. It’s a good idea to get tactical boots with removable inserts so that the cleaning goes easier and faster every time.

A smart tip is to use some baking soda, and to sprinkle it. Let it sit overnight and turn your boots (outside or over a trash can) upside down, giving them a good shake before putting them back on.

You can also start using antimicrobial socks, so that your feet stay odor less and dry for a longer time.

What to use for the stains?

No matter how rugged or high quality your leather tactical boots may be, the risk for staining them isn’t null. However, getting the stains out of your tactical leather boots isn’t as complicated as you may think.

  • Various spots

Here’s what you can use for getting rid of different spots:

  • 1-part cream of tartar
  • 1 part of lemon juice

Make a paste out of these ingredients and work it into your spot. Wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

  • Water spots

You’re only going to need more water for this kind of spot. Simply re-moisten the spot with some water and let it air dry completely before putting the boots back on.

  • Salt stains

You may need:

  • 1-part white vinegar
  • 1-part water

Use a soft cloth in the mixture from the two ingredients and blot out the stains.

  • The most difficult stains

This is what you need to prepare for this type of spots:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton ball

It should go easy with this type of spots, especially if you have the patience for it. Dip the cotton ball in the rubbing alcohol and rub the spot.