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Older perhaps, but never feeble

Older perhaps, but never feeble

Rod Hensel

We are the members of the “Liberation Generation,” the gays and lesbians (then called “homosexuals”) who fought the laws that made it a crime just to be who we are.  We are the “AIDS Generation,” the people who endured the fear and confusion at the start of the AIDS epidemic, but...

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CeCe McDonald sparks revolution at Trans* Wellness Conference

CeCe McDonald sparks revolution at Trans*…

Michael Rizzo

Revolution, liberation and freedom for the trans community will only come when those being oppressed acknowledge the individual privileges life has awarded to them and harness those for the greater good, trans advocate CeCe McDonald told Buffalo LGBTs and allies on Friday. The 26-year-old was released from a Minnesota prison at...

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LGBT Senior Housing - There's no place like home

LGBT Senior Housing - There's no…

Lyndsey D'Arcangelo and Michael Rizzo

Janet Chassman doesn’t like to joke about age unless she’s on stage at Helium Night Club, performing during an open-mic night.  While sipping on a morning cup of Joe at Spot Coffee on Elmwood Avenue, however, she takes the topic seriously — sort of. “I know that getting older is inevitable,” she...

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O'Donnell's passion behind "The Children's Hour"

O'Donnell's passion behind "The Children's Hour"

Doug Weyand

In an era when the very whisper of lesbianism could destroy careers, reputations and lives, a student at a school, Mary, tells a lie that she saw two female teachers kissing. Her grandmother tells all the parents of the schoolchildren, which leads to the school being effectively shut down. The...

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