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The problem with money's face value

The problem with money's face value

Michael Rizzo

We don’t need any clever taglines to know that there’s a whole lot of money floating around in these United States with only a few people holding on to most of it. We’re told to believe that getting our hands on a chunk merely takes a good education and some hard...

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Are gays better with money?

Are gays better with money?

Michael Rizzo

It may seem an altogether ludicrous question. How could sexual preference and financial intuitiveness possibly be linked? Yet, the stereotype exists. Think “Will and Grace” or “Modern Family,” and perhaps it’s no surprise that gay men and women have garnered a mainstream perception of affluence. “I think people are surprised there are...

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How to launch your business

How to launch your business

Sarah Blankenship

Small businesses are the heart of America. They represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms in the United States and have generated 65 percent of net new jobs in the past 17 years. However, not all small businesses that start up, stay open.  Only about half of these new business that...

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Navigating the two worlds of business

Navigating the two worlds of business

Michael Rizzo

It’s a good thing Chris Connolly likes coffee. He drinks a lot of it throughout the day. After all, running a hopping restaurant and simultaneously getting a start-up non-profit organization off the ground takes time and energy.  “I consume a huge amount of caffeine,” the 37-year-old jokes when asked how he...

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How pink money travels in LGBT Buffalo

How pink money travels in LGBT…

Michael Rizzo & Lyndsey D'Arcangelo

Buck Meets WorldLife is usually fast-paced when you’re a dollar bill, but that was never the case for Buck. Hot off the presses and onto an armored truck, Buck managed to slip out of his bank bag without ever making it into circulation — until one hot summer day in...

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